X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #3

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever (2016)

Bordertown: Part 1

Old Man Logan (2016)

The Box Part 1

All-New Wolverine (2015)

Retrouvez la suite des aventures de Laura, la nouvelle Wolverine, et ses clones ainsi que Logan tente toujours de réparer le futur. Des récits notamment par Jeff Lemire, Tom Taylor et Andrea Sorrentino.
(Contient les épisodes US All-New Wolverine 8, Old Man Logan (2016) 5, X-Men '92 (2016) 3 et X-Men Worst X-Man Ever 3)

  • Wolvpad

    il y a 4 ans

    I dont like so much these new series though i love Laura Kinney herself but since Wolverine's pitifiul death i Lost any interest on thèse albums. Sure Laura is interesting enough but vy taking Wolverine's identity and usurpig his place despite Logan being alive yes the Real one he s still alive you dont Know why but i have really seen him in some pages of all new différent Avengers Deadpool or even in X-Men series itself. So what does it serve to steal Wolverine's name for a young girl almost adult. To me she doesnt look like at all to Wolverine she is inexpérience unlike him. So if Wolverine died and i dont care about you say this ai'nt good he gonna return to life and its normal. When Heroes died in heroic fight against a villain but when its a pitifiul death its intolérable for fans. I dont like Old Man Logan stories nor the character himself he is less interesting than the original Wolverine. But now that Wolverine is alive but minor character like poor unworthy Thor or Bruce banner no longer Hulk though he has died and being revived being Hulk again. Even Captain America returned unfortunately he is not up to good i dont like that wheb he seemingly killed Jack flag and shouted hail Hydra himself. It was crappy i dont recognize Steve Rogers at all. And for Wolverine its the same make him return with Laura Kinney and pass on Old Man Logan instead off of Laura Kinney. And please call Wolverine ms Wolverine instead until the real Logan retrieved his place within Marvel universe. So to put a good story on bring back the real Logan with Laura to help her escape from Shield and Hydra alike.