Bibliothèque V.O de Sofia1037

Spider-Man Vs The Chameleon
Nothing Can Stop...The Sandman
Marked For Destruction By Doctor Doom!
Face-To-Face With...The Lizard!
The Return Of The Vulture!
The Sinister Six!
The Terrible Threat Of The Living Brain; Spider-Man Tackles The Torch
The Man Called Electro!
The Enforcers!
Turning Point!
Unmasked By Doctor Octopus!
The Menace Of Mysterio!
The Grotesque Adventure Of The Green Goblin
Kraven The Hunter!
Dual With Daredevil!
The Return Of The Green Goblin!
The End Of Spider-Man!
Spidey Strikes Back!
The Wondrous World Of Dr. Strange!
The Coming Of The Scorpion!
Where Flies The Beetle...!
Preeeeeesenting...The Clown, And The Masters Of Menace!
The Goblin And The Gangsters
Spider-Man Goes Mad!
Captured By J. Jonah Jameson!
The Mystery Of The Crime-Master's Mask!
Bring Back My Goblin To Me!
The Man For The Job!
The Menace Of The Molten Man!
Never Step On A Scorpion!
The Claws Of The Cat!
If This Be My Destiny...!
...To Become An Avenger!
Man On A Rampage!
The Final Chapter!
The Thrill Of The Hunt!
Who Strikes At--SHIELD?
The Molten Man Regrets...!
To Free A Brain Slave!
When Falls The Meteor!
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Robot...!
Just A Guy Named Joe!
How Green Was My Goblin!
Spidey Saves The Day! Featuring: The End Of The Green Goblin!
The Horns Of The Rhino!
The Birth Of A Super-Hero!
Hydra Lives!
Rhino On The Rampage!
The Web And The Flame!
Where Crawls The Lizard!
The Power Of SHIELD!
Spidey Smashes Out!
The Hiding Place!